Site Alert Wireless Alarms

Do you suffer from an aversion to wires? Are you hampered by budget constraints? The twin of the popular Site Alert is this neat radio-link buddy – he could be the answer to your problems. The Site Alert RF comes with a host of important features and boasts an open air range of approximately 1km.

In order to set up your system all you need is a master unit and subsidiary units to cover each area you need to raise an alarm in. Each system can have up to 30 subsidiary units linked to one master unit. The alarm can be raised by pressing the button on any of the units in the system and then pressing the button 3 times in succession on any unit to silence.

The whole family are famous for their silent chat. Uniquely, the system includes a silent automatic disconnection warning, meaning that should a unit become disconnected, the Master unit can immediately identify when one of his buddies is in trouble. This enables you to deal with the situation quickly and easily. The weatherproof design is suitable for indoor and outdoor locations. They are powered by off-the shelf alkaline batteries, so ongoing maintenance is easy and economical.